About Us

Wailua River Noni Juice® is a project of Kauai’s Hindu Monastery, located on the North Fork of the Wailua River between Kapaa and Lihue on the northernmost of the main Hawaiian Islands. In addition to our 70 acres of land on the north side of the river which includes the monastery and two Hindu temples, we lease 312 acres of State-owned agricultural land on the river’s south side. There we maintain a certified organic noni field, an outgrowth of our interest in natural healing, along with native Hawaiian trees (including one of the state’s larger new plantings of koa), hardwoods, landscape plants and palms. The monks personally oversee every phase of production—from harvest to juice to bottling— in order to ensure the finest possible product. The noni is picked ripe from our organically grown trees, washed and set in barrels to ferment for 60+ days, then pressed, filtered and bottled with no added ingredients.

Note: Wailua River Noni Juice is a direct from the farm product and contains nothing but noni. Certain popular "noni juice" products on the market are reconstituted with water from concentrates and then flavored with grape and blueberry juice and "natural flavors." They are really a different product and cannot be compared to certified organic Hawaiian noni juice

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